Benefits to Using An ABA Therapist at School

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based Autism spectrum therapy and is one of the most common types of therapeutic interventions for individuals on the Autism spectrum. ABA therapy involves an aba therapist and the use of positive and negative reinforcement through rewards and praise to help a child learn new skills. If you are interested in learning more about ABA therapy, reach out to a local ABA therapy center in Bergen County to speak to a BCBA about your specific needs.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts or “BCBA’s” work in various settings such as: clinical centers, homes, and schools. In the school setting, BCBA’s are often referred to as “School Behavior Analysts” and provide students with autism and associated disorders with support throughout the school day. When students with autism spectrum disorder reach school age (preschool or kindergarten) they will have hopefully already have the foundation skills developed through early intervention programming, making the difficult transition to school a little bit easier. With any autism treatment, continuity and consistency are key, therefore it is important to discuss in-school ABA therapy for your child with the child study team at their school.

ABA therapy is very structured, which can positively impact several skill areas that may be lacking in a child on the autism spectrum. BCBA’s train ABA therapists to provide support in the following skills areas:

  • Communication or language development
  • General learning skills
  • Social skills
  • Self care skills

Many individuals with Autism can have deficits or difficulties related to communication. This can be caused by medical conditions, such as tongue abnormalities or Apraxia, or severe deficits in the areas of motivation, typical language development, and social interaction skills. BCBA’s that work in the school setting often have a close relationship with the Speech professional in the building or district. They will likely collaborate on what will be best approach to help your child’s communication develop if it hasn’t already or thrive if they are already communicating.

There are several studies that support the effectiveness of ABA therapy and its positive impact on learning. ABA therapists provide clients with the basic foundations that are required for learning in the classroom like: focusing and staying on task, waiting their turn, raising their hand, as well as more specific skills like: counting, practicing sight words, and identifying patterns.

Social skills are a huge factor that may determine quality of life for children on the autism spectrum. Building connections with others is something that we often learn in school as children. Children on the spectrum may have difficulty with connecting to others due to various factors such as: communication deficits, or underdeveloped play skills. The counseling department or child study team in a school often provides social skills groups for students who would benefit from them; however, it is more likely that you will find social skills groups in a clinical setting. Your local ABA therapy center in Bergen County may offer social skills groups that are covered by insurance.

Self-care skills are important for your child’s independence. While many of these skills are taught at home, it is common for them to not generalize to other settings such as school or another relatives house. It is very common for ABA therapists to provide self-care programming such as: toileting, washing hands, grooming (brushing teeth and hair) and getting dressed. Teaching these skills in the school setting provides a source of additional practice for the student to master these self-care tasks.
There are many benefits to utilizing ABA services in the school setting. It is also important to consider aba services in as many settings as possible to give your child the best opportunity for success. To learn more or to speak to a BCBA about any questions you may have, feel free to google search for your local ABA therapy center in Bergen County.


Meet the Experienced ABA Therapists at Capable Cubs ABA Therapy Center in Bergen County

At Capable Cubs, we believe that selecting an ABA therapy center near you is an incredibly critical decision with lasting consequences. As a leading ABA services provider in Bergen County, we encourage parents to always ask questions and evaluate our services and therapists without any hesitation.

Our team of highly trained ABA clinicians includes experienced and qualified BCBAs and RBTs who specialize in combining various ABA methods for providing the most effective treatment to your child with ASD. We create a structured roadmap for every child, including extensive initial assessments, comprehensive ABA treatment plans, critical learning milestones and effective discharge plans to successfully transition out of our care. Our goal is to help your child build the skills needed to increase independence, build meaningful relationships, and connect with their community.

Select an ABA therapy center that works best for your family’s priorities, needs, and goals. Get in touch with the Autism specialists at Capable Cubs. Call 201-786-6280 or contact us online to learn more about our quick intake process.

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