The Importance of Early Age Autism Diagnosis

The process of being diagnosed with autism can be extremely daunting. However, a diagnosis is the first and most critical step and will benefit not just the child but the parents and additional caregivers. Unfortunately, there is no cure or standard treatment for ASD, and researchers are still trying to figure out potential causes. However, there is considerable evidence in the research that shows that children who receive an early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) show the most dramatic (positive) changes in behavior. The age that most professionals agree that Autism should be diagnosed by for the best outcome is age two. Luckily, as professionals, we have the resources and tools that can help diagnose a child with Autism very reliably at two years old, but it is also possible for a diagnosis earlier than two years as symptoms of Autism can begin to appear as early as 12 to 18 months. Most children with Autism are not diagnosed until after age four, which costs them the opportunities that early intervention could provide them. There are many reasons why children are diagnosed later such as: lack of trained professionals on ASD, parents reluctance and or inability to identify the symptoms, and the symptoms vary greatly from child to child. That being said, if you think that your child is exhibiting even the slightest signs of ASD, contact your pediatrician and they may direct you to a developmental pediatrician and an ABA therapy center in Bergen County.

If possible, early intervention should begin at or before age two. Autism spectrum therapies, specifically “Applied Behavior Analysis” or ABA can help with some of the deficits that are commonly seen in children with ASD. This treatment can begin as early as 18 months and there is evidence that shows that early intervention can improve social and communication skills, which would significantly improve development later in life. Early intervention may also prevent or stop problem behaviors from being habitual. Autism spectrum therapies that begin at an early age (by age two) can improve a child’s development by helping them learn skills that will allow them more independence in their life. More independence often leads to better outcomes such as needing fewer services, as they get older (think: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, social skills, etc.)

An early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder can also benefit the parents or caregivers. Some of the symptoms of ASD can be extremely concerning and many parents may worry that there is something significantly wrong with their child. It is best to have a diagnosis as early as possible to help alleviate some of these worries and get them in contact with the appropriate support services. If your child has received a diagnosis of ASD, reach out to a local Autism professional or Google: ABA therapy center in Bergen County. The clinical director will be able to give you detailed information on what to expect from an early intervention program.

Meet the Experienced ABA Therapists at Capable Cubs ABA Therapy Center in Bergen County

At Capable Cubs, we believe that selecting an ABA therapy center near you is an incredibly critical decision with lasting consequences. As a leading ABA services provider in Bergen County, we encourage parents to always ask questions and evaluate our services and therapists without any hesitation.

Our team of highly trained ABA clinicians includes experienced and qualified BCBAs and RBTs who specialize in combining various ABA methods for providing the most effective treatment to your child with ASD. We create a structured roadmap for every child, including extensive initial assessments, comprehensive ABA treatment plans, critical learning milestones and effective discharge plans to successfully transition out of our care. Our goal is to help your child build the skills needed to increase independence, build meaningful relationships, and connect with their community.

Select an ABA therapy center that works best for your family’s priorities, needs, and goals. Get in touch with the Autism specialists at Capable Cubs. Call 201-786-6280 or contact us online to learn more about our quick intake process.


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