Our Mission

Our team strives to empower individuals affected by autism with the skills needed to increase independence, build meaningful relationships, and connect with their communities.


A Capable Team, by your side

Our team of highly qualified ABA therapy clinicians is passionate about providing care to children with developmental disabilities. Our clinicians are taught to deliver treatment with compassion and respect to honor each child’s uniqueness while helping him or her grow and develop.


our team

Sarah Edmond

Sarah is the founding clinician at Capable Cubs. With over a decade of experience working with children with developmental disabilities, she specializes in children who are severely affected by autism. After working as a behavioral health researcher at the University of Michigan, she started her career in clinical services at an ABA therapy center in Ann Arbor and has worked with a number of ABA therapy practices and special education schools since then. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis with a focus on treating young children with nonverbal skills. Prior to starting Capable Cubs, she was the program director at a special education preschool in New York. Outside of work, she enjoys running, biking, playing volleyball, and playing with her Pyredoodle puppy Asher.


B.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology, University of Michigan

M.A in Teaching as Applied Behavior Analysis, Columbia University

Clinical Advisor

our team

Brian Conners

Dr. Brian Conners is a faculty member at Seton Hall University and developed their graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis. He has presented at state and national conferences and has published articles and book chapters in crisis intervention and treatment of individuals with severe problem behaviors of physical aggression and self-injury.  Additionally, he edited the first book to ever be published on multiculturalism and diversity in behavior analysis entitled, Multiculturalism and Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis: Bridging Theory and Application.

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BHCOE Accreditation

The BHCOE (Behavioral Health Center of Excellence) has awarded Capable Cubs Therapy with a Preliminary Accreditation, recognizing the organization as an exceptional behavioral service provider dedicated to continuous improvement in applied behavior analysis. BHCOE gives preliminary accreditation to new and emerging ABA providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff qualifications, and promote systems that enhance these areas.